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Thread: Boe or Bowe

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    Boe or Bowe

    Hello, I'm due soon and do not know what I'm having. I am very solid on girl names, however cannot comes up with a few faves for a boy. I love Beau but prefer to spell it Boe or Bowe. I like short, simple, yet not super popular names. Any suggestions or comments? Thank you!

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    When I read your title I thought "Ooops, someone doesn't know how to spell Beau". Totally non-judgmental, but that may be someones first impression.

    ETA: I like the name Beau!

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    Thanks for your reply! I completely agree and I guess that's my dilemma... I love Beau but would like to spell it another way without it looking wrong! Hmmm, may just have to stick with the original spelling!

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    If you're not quite sold on Beau, what about just Bo? It might just be me, but I would pronounce the e's in Boe and Bowe (like Bowie).

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    I agree with @leahmarie512. If you like the sound of Beau but do not like the spelling, I think Bo is a much better way to go. Boe and Bowe both look really strange.
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