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    Jaclyn - I also love Jacqueline but like the guilty pleasure pron. Jack-leen.
    Andie - John, Thomas, Isla, Freya, Marigold and expecting #6 in June

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    Guilty pleasure spellings:

    Josselin instead of Jocelyn
    Quiterie instead of Quitterie
    Jadon instead of Jayden, Jaden, etc.
    Adrian instead of Adrienne/Adrianne (like Talia Shire's character in the Rocky movies)
    Ian instead of Iain
    Quentin instead of Quinton
    Jillian instead of Gillian
    Averil instead of Averill
    Osten instead of Austin
    Cara instead of Kara
    Lindsey instead of Lindsay
    Christen instead of Kristen
    Bree instead of Brie
    Leigh instead of Lee/Lea
    Peyton instead of Payton
    Undine instead of Ondine

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    Caitlin instead of Katelyn.

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    Quote Originally Posted by r_j View Post
    I am usually against adding a y for no reason, but I love Jayne! Totally guilty.
    I'm guilty as well. Though I do love plain old Jane, for some reason, I like the Jayne spelling better as well. Weird, I know.
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    Finneas. Love Finny. Lovelovelove.. Hate Phineas :/
    Ooo I'm liking Kelsea.
    I prefer Drusilla.
    Kierstin too.
    And.... Alixandria. Love Alix.

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