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Thread: Here I am again

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    Here I am again

    Thoughts on my last, short list? If you could also, please name my style

    Sunday- Love nn Sunny and the religious significance tied to it
    Susannah- My mom's name is Susan, could use Sunny as nn
    Winter- My moms maiden name
    Marian- Family is french and is basically my name backwards (Anamarie)
    Olive- My great great grandma's name
    Naomi- Have loved this name since I was a young child

    Van- My maiden name, used as a nn?
    August- Brother's birthday month and love August Rush
    Hamilton- Popualr road in my hometown, nn Ham or Hammie
    Cannon- Brother is in artillery in the army
    Kale- Form of my dad's name, Karl
    Oliver- Grandpa loved Oliver tractors

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    I like all of your names on there except Cannon - a little too violent for my tastes. I think I would call your style classic eccentric.

    Girls: Ivy, Caroline, Bryony, Augusta, Columbia, Sage, Delphine

    Boys: Adrian, Halcyon, Everett, Nathaniel, Elliott, Brighton, Theodore, Levi

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