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    It's a GIRL! Name help, please!

    Whoo hoo! It's a girl!!!!
    Now comes the fun of names!

    Along with many others, I am looking for a name that is sassy and unusual, but not 'out-there'.

    My other children are -
    Maxwell (Max), Annika (Annie), and Theodore (Theo).

    So far, my working list includes -

    Rosemarie (Love nn Rose/Rosie, but my last name is pronounced although not spelled like a vegetable, and I hesitate on using a color name as a given first name because of that... A nickname would work fine though.)
    Norah (Too sweet? Too common? Nora is approaching top 100)
    Enora (A way to get to nn Nora, but much less common name)
    Beatrix (DH is not a big fan)
    Clarissa (Again, DH is not a big fan)
    Viveca (nn Vivi?)


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    I love your children's names! From your list, I like Rosemarie, but I do see what you mean about it possibly not matching well with your last name.
    I love Norah (especially this spelling)! I don't think it will be too common - not for awhile.
    Have you thought of Vivian, instead of Viveca?
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    Your childen have fabulous names!

    Rosemarie- Im not a fan of this for some reason, Rosemary seems more complete i guess. I love Rosalie, Rosaria, Rosalind, etc.

    Norah is super cute. If you think its kind of nickname-y, some other opions are Eleanor/Eleanora, Honor/Honora, Annora. Honora and Annora are both pn uh-nor-uh, but Annora has a similar spelling to Annika.

    Enora is sort of odd, but i like it.

    Verity- I really like this, and the meaning. Vera could be a cute nn.

    Beatrix- I love Beatrix!

    Elsa- For some reason it seems like a nn even though I know it can stand alone. Elizabeth nn Elsa, or Elspeth nn Elsa would be adorable.

    Clarissa- I like Clarissa, i think Clary is a cute nn. What about Claire or Clara.

    Viveca is very unusual sounding, which I love. Vivi is adorable!

    Agnes- way too clunky, especially next to Annika.

    Some suggestions:

    I still think Elspeth nn Elsa would be cute especially since Annika is scottish and so is Elspeth.
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    Love love love the input!
    Thank you so much!

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    I like Elsa and Viveca.
    I like Rosemarie the best but I agree not to use it with the last name.

    I kind of like Endora more than Enora... both give the nickname Norah

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