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  • Cecilia

    31 50.82%
  • Natalia

    13 21.31%
  • Lilah

    15 24.59%
  • Valentina

    11 18.03%
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    Quote Originally Posted by bellerose View Post
    Cecilia Rose Pasella is really pretty!!!! Cecilia is the best name form your list with Valentina distant second.

    Some other suggestion for middle :

    Cecilia Olive Pasella
    Cecilia Gray Pasella
    Cecilia Margaret Pasella
    Cecilia Hope Pasella
    Cecilia Amy Pasella
    Cecilia Natalie Pasella
    Cecilia Hermione Pasella
    Cecilia Aurelia Pasella
    Cecilia Yvaine Pasella
    Cecilia Beatrix Pasella

    Good luck & best wishes!!

    THANK YOU!!!! Super cute suggestions.. hubby also likes Augusta... after the golf course (omg) and if she ever decides to come out-her birth month!! (i'm 3 days late. sigh)

    Cecilia Augusta Pasella haha cutesy

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    I really love the name Cecilia! It's been one of my favorites for a while now, and I love the saint-name aspect as well. Cecilia Rose is absolutely beautiful! I also really really love a pp's suggestion of Cecilia Pearl, and I also think Cecilia Blair is quite cute and spunky.
    I like one syllable middles a lot with Cecilia
    Cecilia Jane
    Cecilia Faye
    Cecilia Jade
    Cecilia Grace
    Cecilia Maeve
    Cecilia Fern
    Cecilia Beth
    Cecilia Wren
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    I love Cecilia! Its so pretty and elegant!
    My favorite combo is Cecilia Maeve Pasella.
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    Cecilia is a gorgeous name. It's elegant and just a very beautiful name. Go for it.
    My favorite combo of the suggested is Cecilia Rose, Cecilia Jane and Cecilia Grace. (I adore Cecilia Grace...)
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    I love Cecilia!!!!!!!!
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