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    Thanks for the positivity, everyone. So, Philippa is preferable to Felicity?

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    I think Pippa and Vivi are perfect. I wouldn't rethink/over-think this if I were you.

    I really like the name Felicity (I think I have a soft spot for it because of the American Girl), but it doesn't sound as regal as Philippa and Vivienne. They are really wonderfully well-matched.
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    I like Felicity, it's great. I would switch out Vivienne for Felicity, if you are switching. Pippa and Flic are so peppy and darling, and Phillippa & Felicity are sweet and feminine, but not frilly, which I associate with Vivienne a little bit.
    If you are set with Grey, I really like Winter as her matching set, or maybe another color like Plum, or just a word like Wren. I think trendy in the middle spot is fun.
    Felicity Grey & Philippa Plum is cute too.
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    Vivienne Gray is perfection and Philippa Winter balances it nicely. I'm not a fan of Philippa myself, but it goes so well with Vivienne, I'd keep it.

    Persis is my fave from your other list, but I don't' think it works as well with Vivienne. Felicity is a name I really dislike, just a bit limp IMO.

    They're great as they are.
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    What about Alexandra Winter and Vivienne Gray? Lex and Vivi?

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