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  • Micah

    10 27.03%
  • Emmett

    9 24.32%
  • Declan

    12 32.43%
  • Elliott

    6 16.22%
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    Names for a spunky, sweet Irish boy - with poll

    We're in the home stretch and have narrowed our names down. We still don't know if it's a boy or girl, but here are the final few for a little boy. The middle name will be Alexander. Our last name is a classic Irish name (O').

    What do you think?

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    I voted for Emmett though I also like Declan and Elliott. Micah is nice but when I say Micah O' out loud, the vowels blend into each other to give first name Miko.

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    I love & vote Emmett but then i saw the middle Alexander and i dont like them together . Micah Alexander is better imo .

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    Of the four, I think I'd choose Elliott first, Micah second (ever thought about Malachi?). I don't know if I'm too crazy about Emmett or Declan personally. But no reflection on you - just yesterday I noticed a pattern - there aren't too many names I like without an "i" in it! LOL, don't know what that's all about!
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    I voted for Declan, I think it goes beautifully with an O' surname. Declan Alexander, <swoon>. Micah ends with a vowel so the flow may not be great w/ your ln since it starts w/ a vowel and I don't care for it w/ Alexander. Emmett is ok, but not my favorite w/ your mn choice. Elliot would be my 2nd favorite, though I prefer it with just one t and Elliott Alexander may be a bit L heavy if you want to get really nitpicky.
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