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    Love your list! Callum and Cedric are the same style as the rest of your list so my guess is you really love them! if you want other suggestions here are some that have the same "feel"to me as the others on your list:
    Evan (or Evander nn Evan)
    Alister or Alexander
    Liam (I know brothers named Ronan and Liam, they are adorable!)
    James nn Jamie
    Sean (I also know brothers named Nathan and Sean, also adorable)
    Finnegan nn Finn
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    I like Ronan and Lukas! Good luck!

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    I LOVE Callum. I think its so awesome. Your other names are great too. Don't stress to much, go to the hospital with this list and pick the name when you see him. Good luck and congrats.
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    I'm loving all your names except Ronan. How I would rank/ pair your names would be like this:

    1. Declan Patrick
    2. Lucas James
    3. Callum Patrick
    4. Cedric James
    5. Nathan Patrick

    I'd love to meet a little boy with any of these names! You have great choices!

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