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    I love Peregrine (Penn), Jasper & Leif. These names seem to go best with Griffyn & Azalia.

    I'm kind of neutral on Quillan, Sterling and Leonardo/Leon/Leo.

    I'm not a big fan of Casparo, Skyler, Stellan or Warwick. I would prefer Caspian to Casparo.

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    Thanks so much for the replies everyone. Just spoke with DH and he really likes Caspian!

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    Cool list! I really like...

    Sterling (definitely not too pretentious)
    Skyler (but rather popular)
    Leon (like more than Leonardo or Lev)

    I don't know how Canadians pronounce Warwick, but in Australia and Britain, it's definitely said "Worrick". So you may have some issues.

    Quillan and Casparo are the only names I'm not keen on.
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    1. Quillan (nn Quill) - Really cute. Unusual without being weird.
    2. Peregrine (nn Penn) - I like Penn, but not Peregrine. I know it's a berry fave, but it's just.... weird to me. I just think of the falcon and get confused.
    3. Sterling - someone I worked with just named their son this last year. I think it's cute. (Have you watched Archer though? His first name is Sterling and he's not exactly someone you'd want to name your kid after. It's not a huge problem, as probably I'm the only one to think of this but... be aware.)
    4. Skyler - It's gone quite girly as of late.... but it still can be used for boys.
    5. Casparo - This just looks a little made up to me. If you're looking for an alternative to Casper, have you tried Gaspar? That might have its own set of problems though...
    6. Jasper - Cute.
    7. Warwick - Makes me think of Warwick Davis. Not a bad association, but quite proper.
    8. Leonardo, Leon or Lev - HATE Leon, but this is a personal preference. Love Leonardo, and Lev is just ok.
    9. Lief - Meh. Very artsy.
    10. Stellan - Love.

    My favorites are Stellan and Leonardo, and the ones I dislike are Peregrine and Casparo. I think your list just needs a little refining, but you're on a good track.
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    I think Leif goes the best with Griffyn and Azalia. Jasper also sounds good, but my favorite is Leif.

    Griffyn, Azalia, & Leif!
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