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    Need help finding a girl name...

    Hello all!
    This is my first post at nameberry, but I am a little frustrated so I thought I would give it a try.

    I am an American (though most of my family and parents are still in Sicily). My husband is from the Philippines. We do a lot of cross-cultural work so we may live in the US, Belgium, SE Asia, Middle East or anywhere really. I want a name that works.

    Charles is my father's American name, and Gioia is my maiden name and a tradition to include as a middle in the Philippines.

    So, we have picked out a name if we have a boy: Evren Charles Gioia Payot

    We are having trouble coming up with the girls name though!
    Some we like but are not sold on:
    Danielle or Daniela
    something that gives us the nickname Min (but not Minerva or Wilhelmina).

    As you can see, we like shorter names that are rather simple to say and spell, and are ethnicly diverse.

    Any ideas on a baby name for us? Or do you just love any of the ones above?
    Middle name will be Holly (my twin) or Irene/Irena (my mom's middle).


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