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    I'm loving "old lady" names these days (too bad we're having a boy, haha) a few that I love that might be along the same lines- Ruth, Ruby, Pearl, Daisy. What about Nora?

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    Elsa May and Betsy Ann are adorable!


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    Florrie Ann or Elsa May! Both are cute!

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    I am a 17 year old senior in high school. I am begging you not to name your daughter Betsy. Please. I know a girl names Betsy and everyone makes fun of her name. I would probably go by my middle name if that was my name. It is a pretty name, but it is not anywhere close to being acceptable in this day and age. For your daughter's sake, dont name her Betsy. Flora and Elsa are cute though, and both names which would be cool in school.

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    Would you consider longer names? Florrie is darling, as is Betsy, but they'd be a bit harder for an adult to carry in a competitive professional setting.

    Flora May is delightful and my favorite, Minerva Ann is charming, and Elisabeth Ann is an elegant, classic combination that could get you both Elsa and Betsy as nicknames.

    With the names as they stand now, I'd go for Elsa May.

    For more options...
    Edie / Edith

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