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    I really like River Soraya. Something about the naturey River with the exotic Soraya works for me.
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    River Ondine is lovely. I also love the suggestions of River Seraphine and River Guinevere.

    River Ione
    River Delphine (Delphine always makes me think of a rich, deep delphinium blue which is so beautiful with River)
    River Ianthe
    River Coralie

    Btw, Eve Wisteria is lovely. Elegant Eve is definitely my favourite of the Eve family, and I adore a short fn and longer middle combination (Pearl Oriana is near top of my list at the moment!)
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    I loved the name River, but was vetoed. I like River Elowen and another's suggestion of River Seraphine. It all depends on the flow with your last name though.
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