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    Wdyt of Claudia Lucille?? Opinions please!

    Hello everyone! Wanted your guys' opinion on the girl name Claudia? When you hear Claudia what do you think of or imagine? I like the idea of Claudia nicknamed Claudie

    Also what do you think of Claudia Lucille?

    would Claudia Lucille sound good with sisters Scarlett Rosalind and Hilde Catherine (nn Hilly)??

    I'm looking for a name that will sound good in German, French and English.

    Let me know!
    Thank you!!

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    I love the name Claudia!!! It's one of my favorites. I don't really like the nickname Claudie though. I like Claud or Claudia as it is. It definitely sounds good with Scarlett and Hilde!

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    Claudia Lucille is darling! I picture a smart, sweet, spunky little girl. Claudie is adorable, and Scarlett, Hilde, and Claudia is a fantastic sibling set. I love it.
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    They sound lovely together, but I don't love Claudia.

    I really like Claudie though - have you considered using it on it's own?
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    I'm not such a big fan of Claudia (maybe because I have been teased by a Claudia when I was little?). In Austria the name is really common so I've heard it thousands of times, for me it's overused but I think Claudia and Lucille sound good together

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