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    Tell me more about.. Vivienne!

    Lately I have been crushed on the name Vivienne. It's totally nms but I love it!

    What do you think of that name?

    Any association??

    Also I can't decide on spelling : Vivienne or Vivien??

    Thanks in advance!
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    Personally I like the spelling Vivian best. With that spelling it's one of my favorite names. I love the nn Viv. My main associations would be Aunt Vivian from the tv show Pushing Daisies and this snobby girl I knew with the name (and it shows how much I like the name that that association hasn't ruined it for me).

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    I prefer Vivien, but I like both. I just think Vivien's more elegant, and unless you're in France (or other French speaking countries), there's no need for the -ne.

    Associations: Vivien Leigh, Vivienne Westwood, The Lady of the Lake.
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    When I heard I would be meeting a relative named Vivienne/Vivien (not sure of her spelling) I was instantly drawn in as she sounded lovely and the name has an adorably endearing quality. After meeting her I like it even more.. it's sweet and vivacious! I'm charmed

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    From those I like Vivien better, but I like Vivian most of all. It feels the most down-to-earth of the three imo. I think it's vintage & soft, but stronger than a lot of popular vintagey type names. I think it reminds me of Lydia in vibe. Girly/vintage, but tougher than the Em- Elle- & Ad- names & all of the flower names.

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