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    3,375 I automatically thought "Bert and Ernie," so it's right up there with Elmo and Grover as names I'd never use on a child. Bert also comes with an unfortunate bodily noise soundalike word. Sorry, I vote thumbs-down.

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    I think of Burt's Bees (not terrible, they make my favorite shampoo and lip balm - haha!) and Bert & Ernie from Sesame Street (I suppose that's not really terrible, either, but more of a deal-breaker for me...Bert is kinda weird...). I like Robert all on its own, or Rob if it has to be shortened. I think Burton nn Burt is an interesting suggestion, worth considering.
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    It's so funny, but I didn't think of the "and Ernie" association at all! We don't have TV & while we sometimes play a show on the computer for my daughter, I feel like Bert & Ernie never had screen time when we've watched Sesame Street episodes!

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    I think Bertie is a cute nn for Robert.

    As a name though Burt/Bert feels very stagnant to me.

    I immediately think of Burt and Ernie, and of dozens of old men I've known with the name.

    I just don't find it particularly pleasant--burp, hurt, pert, etc.
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    Burt is Adorable I did not think of the bert and ernie association with the Burt spelling, only with the Bert spelling did I make that association.
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