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    Wow, thank you so much for the responses! I'm trying to compile a list of names that I might want to use as a pen name. I have a completed manuscript that I'd like to start sending out to agents asap but my name is completely unusable as an author's name--hard to pronounce, spell, and unique enough that my facebook page comes up first thing if you google my name. I have kids and that sort of exposure is not what I want.

    I've been conflicted about what image I'd like to project to my readers (I write YA) your responses are definitely helping narrow down the direction I'd like to take.
    Inky, a writer on the hunt for a new Pen Name...
    Possible nom de plumes: Briar Brinkley . Minka Marlowe . Marlowe Mercer . Vivika Briar . Brighton O'Shea

    Loves: Brighton . Cameo . Echo . River . Story . Waverly && Crosby . Hawkins . Killian . Lennox . Quaid . Rafe
    Current Crushes: Afton . Calloway . Nell . Penrose . Reeve . River . Saffron . Tatum . Tansy . Winslet
    && Ambrose . Beckett . Boone . Desmond . Hayes . Laszlo . Reed . Teague . Viggo . Zeke

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    In Between:

    Not a Fan:

    Penelope- cute but it's become trendy. I unfortunately associate it with the Kardashians.
    Genevieve- I like this, but pronunciation might be an issue
    Francesca- love. Pretty, sexy, romantic
    suggestions based on first three names: Adelaide, Elodie, Marcella, Filomena,Lucia, Nathalie,Gabriella, Valentina, Evangeline, Georgiana, Antonella
    Vivika/Viveka- reminds me of Viveka Fox-- prefer Viveca.
    Eve- cute but Eve/Eva/Ava has become trendy.
    Eliza- like it
    Calla- love it Dahlia, Camelia/Camilla, Posy, Iris, Aster, Lilac, Lotus, Zinnia, Fleur
    Briar- I want to add "Rose" to it.
    Saffron- love this (I'm a huge Ab-Fab fan), but not sure a little girl would appreciate it Cora, Violet, Clover, Lark, Wren, Willow
    Tatum- I associate it with Channing Tatum, which makes me think of strippers. Not a good thing.
    Afton- meh
    Brighton- meh

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