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    Wow, thank you so much for the responses! I'm trying to compile a list of names that I might want to use as a pen name. I have a completed manuscript that I'd like to start sending out to agents asap but my name is completely unusable as an author's name--hard to pronounce, spell, and unique enough that my facebook page comes up first thing if you google my name. I have kids and that sort of exposure is not what I want.

    I've been conflicted about what image I'd like to project to my readers (I write YA) your responses are definitely helping narrow down the direction I'd like to take.
    Inkling (28), part-time author and full-time single supermom to K & M

    Finally breaking free and reinventing me. Possible Pen Names:
    Strong Fresh-Start Firsts: Vivika. Brighton. Daphne. Saffron. Rossi.
    Meaningful Lasts: Allen. Beckett. Briar. Eves. Hawkins. Kane. Killian. Knox. Leigh. Marlowe. Radcliff. Sterling. Taggart. Wells.

    Please PM me any suggestions for names that are strong and smart, vibrant and vivid!

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    In Between:

    Not a Fan:

    Penelope- cute but it's become trendy. I unfortunately associate it with the Kardashians.
    Genevieve- I like this, but pronunciation might be an issue
    Francesca- love. Pretty, sexy, romantic
    suggestions based on first three names: Adelaide, Elodie, Marcella, Filomena,Lucia, Nathalie,Gabriella, Valentina, Evangeline, Georgiana, Antonella
    Vivika/Viveka- reminds me of Viveka Fox-- prefer Viveca.
    Eve- cute but Eve/Eva/Ava has become trendy.
    Eliza- like it
    Calla- love it Dahlia, Camelia/Camilla, Posy, Iris, Aster, Lilac, Lotus, Zinnia, Fleur
    Briar- I want to add "Rose" to it.
    Saffron- love this (I'm a huge Ab-Fab fan), but not sure a little girl would appreciate it Cora, Violet, Clover, Lark, Wren, Willow
    Tatum- I associate it with Channing Tatum, which makes me think of strippers. Not a good thing.
    Afton- meh
    Brighton- meh

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