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    Okay, last comment . Elodie May!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ebenezer.scrouge View Post
    I don't see the problem there were 7 Gypsy's born in the Uk in 2012 and in 2004 there were 22 Gypsy's. Last year there were 12 Romany's. THere were actually less Lavenders then Gypsy's.

    I prefer the name Lavender but both are nice.
    It's not so much the Gypsy part of Gypsy-Rose we were concerned about but more the combo as it Gyspy Rose Lee was a very famous person - in particularly known for her artful striptease. Since Gypsy on it's own isn't a common name and she is by far the most famous wearer of that name the exact combo would definitely make many people think of her.

    Also Gypsy can be considered to be an offensive term to some Romany - as the OP has Romany heritage it was just a note of interest and suggested against by some.

    I think Lavender May is beautiful. And honestly I don't think I'd add a FN to it, unless Amy-Louise has two middle names. It feels perfectly balanced and has beautiful imagery. However, I do like Imogen Lavender May and Sarah-May Lavender.
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    love Lavender May too cute. I love Gypsy for a boy....on a girl it's cute too don't know if I'd use it
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