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    Gypsy is a derogatory word that the vast majority of Romany people find highly offensive. Add in the burlesque dancer connection and its virtually unusable. On top of that, Gypsy is extremely different stylistically to Amy-Louise. If you were to have another child, imagine trying to find a name that was as sweet and girly as Amy-Louise and as daring and different as Gypsy?!

    Lavender is okay but I don't like it with Kitcher. Evelina is a lovely as PP suggested, though.

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    thank you everyone. - I like Evelina but i'm unsure on what my boyfriend will say as it's not really a name he'd choose as Lavender, Gypsy, Evelyn and Damara are kinda my style and my daughters is his (as he picked her name).

    I love Seren, Carys, Arwen, Liana, Darcy, Lydia, Renee and Sabrina. - I will ask my boyfriend and see what he says on them all.

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    I don't see the problem there were 7 Gypsy's born in the Uk in 2012 and in 2004 there were 22 Gypsy's. Last year there were 12 Romany's. THere were actually less Lavenders then Gypsy's.

    I prefer the name Lavender but both are nice.
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    I personally dislike Gypsy Rose, and I will always associate the name Lavender with Harry Potter. What about Rosalie May?

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