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    I'm assuming that you pronounce Adi as Addy/Addie...Adi is a Hebrew standalone name pronounced ah-DEE.
    They're cousins, not siblings, so I think it's fine. Adalie and Hattie are very different in style, so the proximity is very slight. I would, however, suggest Hattie as a nickname for a longer name, as Hattie feels insufficient.
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    It's fine. The only shared syllable they have is the 'e' sound at the end. Other than that they're completely different.

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    They do sound really close.
    But if Adi is 10 when you have a daughter they might get a kick out of having similar names. And who knows how you'll feel about it then.
    I'd say keep it on your list for now and reconsider later. (I might take Adalie off the list should it be on there though).
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    Before I read your post, I was going to say that yes, they are too close. However, since they're cousins, I think it's fine.
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    Hmmm, I think it's OK as long as both girls have a longer name you can use if they're playing dumb--I knew sibs called Kayla and Kaleb, and they'd always pretend Mom was yelling for the other kid.

    But an Adalie and a Harriet means that, while they can be called Adi and Hattie most of the time, there's a full name to fall back on to distinguish between them.
    And Miss Adalie might decide that she'd rather be nicknamed Ada or Lee or something else entirely, like Lightning the Magnificent. (I was a nanny for a few years. These things happen.)

    Sounds like you've got a few years, and anything can happen. I wouldn't toss your cherished Hattie just yet.

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