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    Adi and Hattie...too similar?

    Hi everyone!

    First off, I am not currently expecting. But I am about to graduate college and start a career so kids hopefully will be in the picture soon (though I definitely am not rushing it)!

    My niece was just born last month and her name is Adalie, although she usually goes by just Adi. Naturally, I have been thinking of when I have my kids more often now.

    I have adored the name Hattie for years and have already decided that is the name of my daughter when I have her. But now I wonder if Hattie and Adi will seem like I copied?

    Are Adi and Hattie too similar? These kids will be very close and see each other everyday. Is there enough difference in the spelling to make it okay?

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    i assume its pronounced like add, so YES.

    its not about you copying her, it just sounds like too similar a name for them to be around one another all the time.

    ps if your niece was just born but you arent expecting and didnt mention a husband are these kids really going to be close?
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    Quote Originally Posted by orphanedhanyou View Post

    ps if your niece was just born but you arent expecting and didnt mention a husband are these kids really going to be close?
    Yes, they will be close. Even if Adalie is 10 years old when my child is born, my family will still have to say both of their names and they will be together quite often.

    And yes, it is pronounced like add.

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    I find them to be too similar. Sorry. Unless there's a ten or fifteen year gap between them, then it's not as important. But if you have two little girls playing in the pool and you call out one name, they'll probably both turn their heads, which means the names are too close. Ultimately though, all that matters is whether it bothers you. If not, then stick to the name you love.
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    I don't think that Adalie called Adi and Hattie are too close, really. However, if you're concerned, I suppose you could use Hattie as a nickname for something like Harriet, Henrietta, Mehetabel, Behati, or something else. Adalie and one of those names definitely would not be too close.

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