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    I'd never even heard of Lorelei before NB and I can't get my head around the pronunciation. And it does look a bit made up to me. I think Laurel has a much nicer sound to it and... I can't really describe it! It just looks and sounds better IMO.

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    Laurel. It's beautiful and earthy like you said, it's got the Arthurian connection (niece of Lyonesse & Lynette, wife of Agravain) and connection to the ancient Romans and Greeks.

    Lorelei is gorgeous too though... I think of the sirens and Lorelei Rock in the Rhine...
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    I adore Laurel. It's got an elegance to it in its simplicity. Bay laurel trees are bursting with significance, and it's just a lovely name for girl or woman.

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    I prefer Laurel. It just sounds so light and airy, yet familiar. I have nothing against Lorelei, but Laurel wins in my opinion.
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    Laurel! I think Laurel is so beautiful, but Lorelei... I just can't see it on an actual person. Despite Gilmore Girls. Which I loved. Lorelei has some adorable nns--Lola, Lila, Lora, Rory, etc.--but I tend to prefer Laurel immensely.
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