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    Looking for inspiration to add to my girls' list

    Not pregnant, and not trying yet, but we will be possibly this winter or beginning of next year. I want to make sure that whatever name we end up with is one which I have loved for a good, long time—because even in the last year or so that I've been really thinking about names, my choices have wavered quite a bit. I am terrified of name regret.

    We're pretty sure about a particular boy choice that we're likely to use, as it's a family name with a lot of significance. I'd like to work on our girls' list a bit. Thankfully, husband and I have similar taste/naming style—we appreciate classics with history and meaning, we like uncommon/unusual names, and we loathe trendiness.

    Current favorites: (of mine, husband isn't completely sold on all of these but the potential is there)


    Based on my style, can you give me your recommendations to add to it?
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    my baby girl

    ...and already dreaming of naming her siblings!

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