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    @augusta_lee I like Nolwenn and Nuala... I'll take them into consideration.
    I seem to be liking the Irish names.

    @dantea I like Noelia

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    Quote Originally Posted by collmcc523 View Post
    The only others I can possibly think of are Winola & Conelley (which is a stretch). I rather like Magnolia, personally.
    Actually Conelley can also be spelled
    Connolly with an A mn you could easily get Nola.
    ...if my husbands has no vote, then....
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    They might not be your style/be a little too far-fetched but I think both Nicola and Fenella could have Nola as a nickname. Good luck!

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    @lexium Thanks for that... I may also explore the double barrelled name route as I have two first names myself (though not hyphenated)

    @ciottolo Thank you, I'm just looking for the suggestions.. doesn't matter whether or not they are my style.

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    I remembered I used to love the name Nickolai (yes I butchered the spelling) about a decade ago. Back when the Hilton sisters were at the height of popularity, I heard Nicky Hilton's full name was Nicholai... I thought it was cute, original, unique and something I'd never heard before.
    Nickolai nn Nola would work.
    Although I really like Nolwenn and Noelia.
    I think it's between Noelani and Nickolai.

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