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    Tatiana vs. Viviana

    Please post which one you prefer, or hate less, with the middle name Azélie (ah-zay-lee). Tatiana as (tat-ee-ahn-uh), and Viviana as (viv-ee-ahn-uh). Not for prospected children, I just can't decide which on I like better : )

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    I prefer Vivana...

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    Tatiana sounds better with Azélie, though I prefer Titania.
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    I like both. Tatiana is so quintessentially Russian, and it resonates intensity and strength. Viviana is a little softer, but that 'V' gives it a rare spark. I really can't decide!

    I'm going to go with Tatiana, only because I'm a popularity-phobe, and there are lots of little Vivians about these days.

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    Both are lovely! I give Viviana a slight edge, but only because of Jr. high school boys and what they'll do to Tatiana. Though I don't think it should preclude you from using such a beautiful name if you choose.

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