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Thread: MC Discussion

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    MC Discussion

    I don't know about you, but naming my number one main character is the hardest thing to do. It often takes me a while, sometimes a whole month or two before I can find that perfect name. And the villain is next.

    But what I want to know is how you come up with your MC's name and how you go about finding it.
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    I find a picture of someone that looks similar to my main character, and think about how I would name that person in the picture. Once I come up with a few, I think about the personality of my MC and then see which of the names match the best. If that doesn't work, I just find another picture and the process repeats!
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    The names usually just come to me. Occasionally I'll go and read a few lists on Behind the Name and see if anything leaps out at me. I recently had another idea for a book, I was searching for the main characters name when I came across Eckhard. It means 'edge' which is perfect for the story so I decided to use that as a surname. Then I was discussing the names I'd made up for my world and in telling her about the new story she suggested Eli as a name. I'd been thinking about how I didn't currently have a twist on William and then - like lightning- Elliam Eckhard was born.

    Basically I don't put a lot of fuss or faff into it. I just let the names come to me or I go in search of them.

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    When I write (which is not very often), I will usually ask my younger sister to give me a random list of 50 names she thought of, and then I will pick a few off that list and give some different diminutives and alternatives for each name I picked. Then I will think about if the names match the main character, and then I'll go on Nameberry. Which seems like a lot of work for a one-page short story I'm just going to stick in the paper shredder later.

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    I actually come up with a name and THEN fit a personality around the name. I come up with the name by looking on Nameberry and finding a name that I would want to read about. It's quite simple actually.
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