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Thread: wdyt of Philo?

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    Dec 2012
    I, too, thought of Phyllo dough.
    And also, with the route philo/phil, there are many wonderful connections (a philomath, for example, is a lover of learning), but also bad ones, like pedophilia, hemophilia, necrophilia, zoophilia (bestiality), etc.
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    I'd never heard of it before (or of any of the associations) but I think it sounds really dashing, actually! I would pair it with a more common but longer middle name - Philo Alexander sounds nice, as does Philo Nathaniel. Good luck - Philo sounds great!

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    I was thinking of this name recently in connection with the Clint Eastwood character from 'Every which way but loose' - Philo Beddo prn fy-low rather than fee-low. It's not a name I've ever come across and is a bit strange. I do think of Filo pastry as well. Not keen, sorry.
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    I love Philo! A nice alternative to Milo and Shilo, in my opinion. It's on my boy's list

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    I like Philo!
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