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Thread: Am I pregnant?

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    Am I pregnant?

    'Berries...I'm feeling the signs of pregnancy again. For about 3 days, I've had God-awful nausea, terrible cramps, and my boobs hurt like hell. Problem is, my baby girl is barely 6 weeks old. I had a rough pregnancy with her, so I'm not even sure I fully recovered yet.

    Bottom line: do you think I'm pregnant? To be honest, I'm kinda scared to take a pregnancy test. :/

    Thanks in advance!
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    there's really no way for us to know. take a test.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikayla View Post
    there's really no way for us to know. take a test.
    Yerp. Ditto this.

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    It's unlikely, but possible. More likely is it's your body returning to normal after baby. But take a test just to be sure.
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    We need more info to even venture a guess... Have you used any protection? Are you exclusively breastfeeding? Have you had any type of period?
    I understand why you would be nervous if you are pregnant so soon but it's better to know then to worry about a possibility that might not exist.
    Take a test.... Let us know.
    Good luck!

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