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    I adore Miranda. It's a Shakespearian gem with a gorgeous meaning and sound. I would use it myself, but it rhymes with my last name.

    Miranda Audrey
    Miranda Fiona
    Miranda Ivy
    Simon Valor | Eloise Faye | Judah Sage | Thea Marina | Felix Orion | Iris Cordelia | Roscoe Benjamin | Lydia Wren | Jasper Conroy | Phaedra Naomi | Adrian Bruno | Lucinda 'Indie' Jane | Wallace Finnegan | Sylvie Winifred | Charles 'Charlie' Elliot | Juniper Sophie | Julian 'Jules' Atlas | Matilda Sailor | Marlowe Charles | Alice Elizabeth | Jack Mariner | Marigold 'Maggie' Susan

    Just a grad student, dreaming ahead...

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    I think you've made a great list of girl names.
    My favorites are Hazel, Zoe and Audrey.
    I don't like Fiona, Sierra and Lila.
    Good luck

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    There are only two names that are not on my like or love list: Sierra and Liliana. Sierra just reminds me of the Sierra Nevada mountains and roughing it in the outdoors. And I dislike Lillian and most related names, though Liliana is definitely better.

    Other than those two this could be my post!

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    I'd eliminate (as first names):

    Zoe- I know three girls under age 3 with this name
    Ivy- meh
    Vanessa- dated. Reminds me of the 80s.
    Sierra- I know four little girls with this name (or different spellings thereof)
    Audrey- meh
    Miranda- reminds me of Sex in the City
    Lila- pretty, but I prefer Liliana

    I love the combos:
    Fiona Hazel
    Liliana Hazel

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    I love Hazel and I like Audrey. I'd eliminate the rest. I also think Hazel Fiona is really pretty

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