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    Quote Originally Posted by stripedsocks View Post
    ...My Aussie husband says Meee-gan.
    I'm Aussie and that's how all Aussies I know say it too.
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    I know many Megan all who pronounce it Meh-gin. Gin rhymes with Finn. I have also heard May-gin and Me-gin on T.V.

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    I live in San Francisco.

    Megan = May-gin
    Meagan = May-gun
    Meg = Mayg
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    I am from the southeast USA and I pronounce my name MAYg-in and my nickname is Meag (MAYg). Of course, my spelling is Meagan, so that is a little bit different than the more common Megan. I always have to explain to people that mine is pronounced like the name Reagan with an M.

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