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    I'm from Canada (Ontario) and here it's pronounced Meg-in 90% of the time. I've also heard it with a "may" sound.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maggiemary View Post
    Hear the Welsh pronunciation here (you may need to scroll down for it).
    The Welsh girl is saying it just like we would 'mehg-an' (mehg as egg) but with a little bit more emphasis on the 'an'.

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    My friends in the midwest always say meg-gun, Meg rhyming with egg, and use Meg as a nickname in the the traditional pronunciation of it. On the west coast, you hear a lot of may-gun, and I've never heard of Meg pronounced as mayg used for a nickname. In French, it sounds sort of strange; the name doesn't really translate, so often sounds like mee-gahn or meh-gahn. In the Netherlands, g=ch, like a hard H, so it sounds like mee-chahn or meh-chahn. In Britain I've only heard it as mee-gun.
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    In Australia, we pronounce it is Mee-gun (:

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    In Michigan, it'd be pronounced MEGG-in, Meg rhyming with beg.
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