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    Harrison Cole by far! Hudson only reminds me of the river and in my opinion a little bit redneck.
    Catelin Geneva
    Just highschooler by day author by night obsessed with names and future babies when she's much older.

    Cecily Eirwen Ophelia, Belphoebe Judith Primrose, Isolde Bellona Winter, Circe Guinevere Florence
    Rainier Gideon Wolf, Eddard Severus Wolf, Peregrin Julius Harrow, Dorian Oliver Fox, Casimir Endymion Silver

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    New York
    Harrison Cole would b3 my choice.
    I like simple yet versatile names that work well for the athlete, the comic, the genius, and the judge.

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    I must admit I am A little surprised by the love for Harrison. My gut is telling me Hudson but now I feel panic setting in as I am approaching my due date. Thanks for the input everyone. R there any other names I should be considering for my sibset?

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    Although I like Hudson more, I feel like Harrison sounds best with the other siblings.

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    I actually really like Hudson! Don't be dissuaded from it as you clearly love it too and it is more down to earth than Harrison. Harrison is good in theory but not in practise so I would go with Hudson. Good luck!

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