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    Hudson or Harrison

    Just trying to narrow down our little boys name who is due in 2 weeks. His siblings are Amelia Reese, Liam Zachary, and Violet Grier. Middle name is going to be Cole. Do you think Hudson or Harrison works best with our sibset?


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    Marlo! Were you able to figure out how to get my PM? I sent it to you a while ago. Just in case you didn't, I personally prefer Hudson, and it sounded like you did, too, in your message, but for some reason I like Amelia, Liam, Violet, and Harrison as a sibset a lot more than Amelia, Liam, Violet, and Hudson. Both are nice, though, and I'd honestly go with what you love more. So if that's Hudson, I'd go with Hudson. I think it's super handsome; I love it.

    Good luck!

    ETA: The more I think of Liam, Amelia, Violet, and Hudson as a sibset, the more I love it... Snatch Hudson up! :]]]
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    Both a great options. I *think* I prefer Harrison as part of the sibset, but I love Hudson as a name. Harrison has cute nn options though (Harry and Harris, if Harrison is too long). Go with your preference. Both are lovely choices.

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    I personally much prefer Harrison to Hudson. I also think it works better in the sibset, but maybe I'm biased.

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    Harrison. I think it sounds infinitely better with Cole and it also sounds great with your other kids' names (which are beautiful!).

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