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    Go ahead use your favourite name.
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    Definitely depends how much they will see each other and how big your family is. I have a HUGE extended family, it starts to get difficult to pick names if you veto every family member's.

    You should also talk to your cousin & see how she feels about it.
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    Firstly, I'd never choose the same name as any of my cousins' children. I have seven "little cousins" (children of my first cousins) and my husband has three (plus one niece). For me, all eleven of their names are off limits (which is a pity because one is named Beatrice, which I adore!).

    Secondly, Emily is ridiculously popular. Naming your child Emily isn't very interesting in the first place, but when it's the same name as your cousin's child, it's incredibly boring. If I were you, I'd definitely choose something else.
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    I agree with eperdument. Emmeline or another variation. Emily is one of the most sophisticated names but there's loads of variations Emmy, Emma, Emiliana is fab!
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    In my family I have a little brother named Nathan, and and older cousin named Nathan. To skip any confusion when we call them, there's Big Nathan, and Little Nathan. Both of them don't seem to mind being called that for the time of our visits.
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