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    Best way to spell Lilah ...

    So i think I have decided on Lilah for my daughters name to go with Archie and will think about whether to actually have Delilah on the birth cert or just stick at Lilah alone.... but what do u think is the best spelling..

    Lilah - as it is technically short for Delilah




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    I really like it as a nn for Delilah. But on it's own spelled either Lilah or Lila is best in my opinion. Gorgeous choice, by the way.
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    I like Lilah or Lyla. Lila is the more traditional spelling. I have never seen it spelled Lylah. I think the y and the h each harden the name a little, so I might choose one or the other but not both.

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    I like Deliliah or Lila.

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    Lyla won't get mispronounced which I think is very important. Lila would be my second choice on it's own. I don't think you need an extra 'h' in the name.

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