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    How to get to nm Zell?

    I recently heard the nm Zell and fell in love with the sound. My maiden name begins with a Z and I have always wanted to incorporate Zs into my future child's name. We never found a girl Z full name that we loved, but I'd be happy with a Z nm. My husband and I like classic, familiar, and simple names (hopefully also Hebrew because we are Jewish)....but maybe there is a way to get to Zell that we are missing??
    The short list
    (my list criteria: classic, simple, elegant, must have family and/or cultural significance)

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    Girls list: Jane, Miriam, Ruth, Ann*

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    There's Zelda.
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    First I thought of was Azalea. Not Jewish, but a floral name and that seems popular now. Zell seems like it could be a nn. Also thought of Aliza, or spelled Aleeza, which is Hebrew for joyful. I think you could still use the nn Zell for this as well, even though the L and Z are switched.

    Also, there is Zelia, Hebrew for zealous.
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    I don't see why you can't use names like Hazel, Zelda, Eliza, Raizel, Zelpha/Zilpha/Zilpah or Moselle to get Zell as a nickname. Griselda would be another option but it's not very attractive.
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    I've heard Maizel a few times.

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