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    Last name problem

    My last name is pronounced like "Noise" the issue is that to my ears anything that ends in an "a" sounds like "annoys" for instance...

    Sophia Noyes sounds like Sophie Annoys to me...

    The problem is I like A LOT of names that end with A

    Clea, etc.

    What are your thoughts? Would you totally avoid any name that ends in an "a". Is it terrible obvious to you? Are there any similar names that don't have the "annoys" at the end?


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    It doesn't seem that obvious to me. Maybe something with a soft 'a'
    Lyra Noise doesn't sound like Lyr Annoys to me for example
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    I have a friend named Miranda Noyes and I've never heard "annoys" in it. I think you're OK to pick a name ending in 'A'

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    Thanks! Maybe it's more worrisome if the name is a name in its own right without an a. Sophia and Sophie are names while Miranda is a name and Mirand is not?

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    I agree with prev. posters! I think because of the stress on certain syllables, some names make this more of a problem. Also that Sophie is a name all it's own (and highly recognizable). Mirand, on the other hand, wouldn't be. Perhaps a little bit of a longer -a name would help in this situation.

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