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  • Anna Juliet

    28 53.85%
  • Anna Katherine (nn Anna Kate)

    24 46.15%
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    Middle name for Anna

    Anna is one of our front runners for dd#2 (due very soon). My top two contenders for middle names are Juliet and Katherine. While I LOVE the beauty of Juliet with Anna, I also like the idea of calling her Anna Kate. I love Anna but sometimes feel like it may need something extra. If we name her Anna Juliet, I would only always call her Anna. You've all been so helpful already! Thanks for opinions! Oh and dd1 is Claire Elise.

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    I really love both names!!! I ended up picking Anna Katherine because I like Anna Kate. (I also know a girl who goes by her full name Anna Catherine pretty much all the time, and I love that as well.)
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    I really love all three names involved here--Anna, Juliet, and C/Katherine--but I chose AK because I just think Anna Katherine has better cadence than Anna Juliet! I would maybe like Ann-Juliet as a compound name or Anna Juliette where there was a strength on "ANN-a julie-ETTE" instead of a strong "ANNA JUL-iet" or something. But Anna Juliet didn't seem quite as nice to me as Anna Katherine/Anna Kate

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    I voted for Anna Juliet. I'm in the South, and Anna Katherine is one of the most popular double names around. It feels bland and tired to me.
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    Thanks for the feedback! Yeah I'm concerned that Anna needs a more interesting middle name than Katherine. I just like the option of using the middle name sometimes. I wish there was a nickname with Juliet...

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