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Thread: Silas??

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    I'm not such a big fan of Silas (one of my cousins used it for her son), I can't help but think of Silence of the Lambs whenever I hear it
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    Silas is an awesome name. It's one of those few names that sounds good in almost any sibset. It's uncommon but classic, and has a cool, smooth sound to it.
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    LOVE Silas : ) I think Edgar Silas would work great too, unless you want to stick with using a Gaelic name somewhere in the mix : )
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    I like it and think it sounds good with your other children's names. Silas seems to be getting quite a bit more popular. I'm not sure if this is something that would concern you or not but I figured I'd point it out in case popularity is a consideration for you.

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    I don't want a name that's super popular. But I don't mind moderate popularity. I've never met or heard of a Silas in real life so not overly worried about popularity here.
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