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    I like it. It's a nice take on Phoebe. It's also very different, yet accessible, because both Belle and Phoebe are familiar names.

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    Sorry, I much prefer Phoebe or Belle on their own. Together, they remind me of Belzebuth, for some reason...!

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    I'm glad to see that a lot of people like Belphoebe! But my main concern about Belphoebe, is that the magic and beauty of the name would be lost on most people. This is why I prefer names that are obvious and don't need an explanation (like Maple, Lavender, or Snow), or names that, even if you don't know what they mean, are obviously special/different (like Hespera, Ianthe, or Fiammetta). I would hate if people only thought of Belphoebe as "Belle and Phoebe", instead of its own beautiful name (as shown in the comments). I still love it! and I'm keeping it on my list, but it might end up having to be a middle name. Thanks for replying! ^_^
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    I'm a huge fan of Belphoebe.
    I think it's fun and different
    and has elements of two fairly popular names
    so it's not really all that odd for the average bear.
    Thumbs up.
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