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    I am familiar with TFQ, and while I love it, I just find Belphoebe impractical and "over the top" for a real girl. It's one of those names where I like the reference more than I like the actual name; one of my favorites used to be Benedick, before I realized I was really just in love with Much Ado About Nothing.
    If you break it up, and to most ignorant ears, Belphoebe is just an odd double-barrel of Belle and Phoebe, two mega-popular names stuffed into a Renesmee-esque morphing. Belle, while perhaps ethereal and exotic in the time of TFQ's writing, is no longer so, and frankly, a little plain. Phoebe is a hit or miss for most; I personally dislike it, as she will forever remind me of the ditz at the end of All About Eve, and every Phoebe I've met has been one of the duller knives in the drawer.
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    To be perfectly honest, it sounds like you couldn't decide between Belle or Phoebe and decided to just mash the two together. I've never heard of this name before, and it sounds kind of made up. I love the name Phoebe...maybe Belphoebe would be more useable as a middle name.
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    It strikes me as a made up name, two great names (Belle and Phoebe) stuck together. That's just my impression though!

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    I think it's pretty, but I also recognize it as a legitimate name. Most people will think it's Belle-Phoebe.
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    I would think *pshooowpow mind-blown by awesomeness* hahaha. I adore Belphoebe and I don't know if I would be able to contain myself if I met a little Belphoebe! I think it's so stunning. Much as I love Belle/Bella names, I don't love Belle on its own, and I find Phoebe rather whiney and annoying. But Belphoebe?! I adore it. I would think her parents were brilliant. I don't have the guts to use it, but I would be so happy to see someone who did. I would think all of the above--special, magical, memorable, beautiful, charming.

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