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Thread: Wdyt of Lydian?

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    It sounds very unisex to me. Thats not necessarily bad but if you want feminine, I think Lydia is beautiful.

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    Lydia is so pretty. I think the hard n really makes it more masculine and takes away from the prettiness. Plus it's the exact spelling to indicate language or place of origin (i.e. she was Lydian). Of course I am going to undercut my argument here by pointing out that the biblical name 'Lydia' already meant 'woman from Lydia' without the N. If you like the sound, what about something like Lydienne or Lydiana?

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    I actually like Lydienne best (I'm a French teacher) but I figured it would be pretty impossible to get people to say it right

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    Quote Originally Posted by mischa View Post
    It "looks" like Lydia with an "n" stuck on the end and it "sounds" like an adjective ...
    This is what I thought too.

    I prefer Livia as an alternative to Lydia.
    It feels fresh and spunky despite it's thousands of years of tradition.
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    I like it. I LOVE Lillian and Lydia (and Olivia, for what it's worth), so I probably would never use Lydian, but it is interesting. Lydia is already a place name, so I agree that it sounds like naming your daughter German or French or Egyptian. But I still like it. I doubt I would use it, but I wouldn't be unhappy to meet a little girl named Lydian.
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