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    Great choices. I know two male Rowans -- it's a thoroughly masculine name.
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    Both names are gorgeous! I especially love Lydia.

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    Rowan is my name, so naturally I am adamant that it is a girls name! Nevertheless, I love it, and it always makes me smile every time I see a Rowan tree and I'm sure your son will love it too. Coincidentally, I always wanted to be ginger.

    I really like Lydia, and I think Lyddie makes an adorable nn.

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    Both combos are beautiful! I agree with a previous poster about having a bit of difficulty saying Lydia Isobel though.
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    Very nice choices! Rowan James is handsome, and Lydia is an underused classic
    Personally, I wouldn't use a nickname for either of those... if they happen, I think they'll be the organic type that'll just come naturally to you once you start using the name day in and day out.
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