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    Having a Girl! What do I do now?!?

    Okay so my DH and I have been worried that we were going to have a boy because we have been longing for a little girl.
    Luckly last week we found out that we are indeed having the girl of our dreams. The problem is because we were thinking we would get stuck with a boy we've only been looking at boy names, we had even settled on a boy name as well. Now though it seems like we are stuck with the only girl name that we had even talked about which is Kaylee Fable. Its not that I don't like the name, it just seem off some how. What do you think any suggestions on what to do. Any little bit helps. Thanks in advance.

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    Kaylee Fable has a nice ring, but Kaylee is very popular and trendy, while Fable is one of those out-there word names. I much, much prefer the Kaylie spelling, and while, yes, it has become extremely popular, I can see its appeal.
    Fable is interesting sounding, but neither of its meanings are really suitable or sensible for a person. Fables are commonly known as fictitious tales with obvious morals, typically with animals. Not that there's anything wrong with that - but it's a little random. Like naming your kid Noun, Verb, Eulogy or Sonnet. Other than helping them out on a 7th grade English class, it's doubtful the definition of a primitive fairytale will really have meaning to your child. The other meaning of fable is essentially "a lie" - Merriam-Webster defines it as "a false statement." Also not great.

    Other alternatives to Kaylie: Rosalie, Natalie, Ella, Iris, Elsa, Piper, Chloe
    Alternatives to Fable: this is tricky. I usually advise people to choose middle names with personal significance to them; perhaps a family name, or one honoring a lost friend or family member. Stylistically, I could list hundreds of lovely word names, but I don't think that'll be very helpful to you; that kind of research you could do on your own. The one major think I'd suggest would be Story. If you choose a different name, other than Kaylie, that doesn't rhyme (Piper, say) Story has the creative, literary connection that isn't as specific as Fable, and without the negative second meaning Fable has.
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    Be very careful about saying you're glad you're not 'stuck with a boy'. Not many people know this but many ultrasounds are wrong and people end up with boys after being told they're having girls. Just saying...

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    I think the problem that I'm having with the name is more with Kaylee then Fable. Kaylee is just so popular right now and I had been hoping to have a name that was a little more unique (outside the top 50 or 100). I grew up with at least two other girls with the same name as me and it always bothered me so I was hoping to avoid that with my own kids.
    Fable is one that came up here on NB in a blog post a while back that I suggested and we both liked. My husband is an author and wanted a way to make her name a tribute to that with out being a name directly associated with his books. I don't have any problem with that and I think its rather sweet of my DH. We both love literary names and I have considered many classical character names like Alice (in wonderland) or author names like Emily, Charlotte, or Anne for the Bronte sisters. But again some of these are names that are up there in popularity as well.

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