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    I love:

    Emmanuella - Gorgeous and timeless
    Ravenna- Never heard of this before, but its beautiful
    Mariposa - Its so sweet but its not timeless
    Gwendolen - pretty
    Mirabel - I like Mirabella too!
    Isidora - I prefer Isadora
    Morwenna - I love this name
    Felicia - ooh, I love the new take on Felicity! Gorgeous

    I love:

    Hawthorn - I do prefer it with an e on the end
    Alastair - I like it
    Emmanuel - Gorgeous!
    Finnian - Its really cute, I prefer it to Finnegan as well.
    Elkanan - I have never heard of it but I like it

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    I like Andromeda
    Mariposa (nn Posey makes it definatly have bonus points for me.)

    Your boys list is amazing. So hard to pick a top 5!
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    Instead of Valeria maybe Valencia could work better?

    I adore:

    Mariposa (my favourite!)
    Mirabel - I prefer the spelling Mirabelle
    Isidora - I prefer the spelling Isadora

    Hawthorn(e) - I prefer the e but it's not absolutely nessecary for the name no - (completely love this!)
    Peregrine (love it!)
    Iskender (I love this 1)
    Finnian (Adore this)

    & suggest:


    For boys other than Nikolai I don't really have any other suggestions, unusual boys names have never been my strong suit lol
    Number 1 Aunty to one adorable ray of sunshine Rosalee Jillian 'Rosie'/'Roe'
    Cousin & Godmother to the delightful Erica Marisol 'Eri'/'Ricki'
    & Godmother to Sadie Bryn 'Bean' & honorary aunt to Molly Maeve Tuesday 'Molly Dolly'!

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    Andromeda- NMSAA, it just sounds so harsh and very not feminine.
    Immanuela or Emmanuella -- I prefer Emmanuella best, it's pretty!
    Lucasta -- NMSAA, like Andromeda, it's not feminine and very harsh sounding.
    Ravenna --I think of the word ravenous...
    Ceridwen -- I'm not sure how to pronounce this one.
    Raziela -- not fully sure of the pronunciation either.
    Mariposa -- BEAUTIFUL! I love it!
    Gwendolen -- NMS, but it's a lovely name.
    Gwyneira -- I like Gwendolen much better.
    Mirabel -- Another beautiful name! Lovely and underused, and I love the spelling.
    Ruhama/Ruchama -- Unsure of pronunciation also
    Isidora -- Pretty, peppy and fun! I like it!
    Hypatia -- makes me think of hypnosis
    Valeria --Pretty!
    Rahela or Raquela -- I prefer Raquela
    Morwenna --makes me think of a cross between Mordor and mortified.
    Felicia/Felicienne -- very pretty and underused!
    Ruxandra -- NMSAA
    Thomasin-- I would prefer Thomasina

    Hawthorn -- I think this spelling is fine
    Lysander -- I like it!! I know of a kid who has the Spanish spelling of Lisandro.
    Gideon --LOVE! Very underused and a good name!
    Peregrine --I think of the falcon, but not a bad association
    Orion --I like it!
    Iskender -- Unsure how to pronounce
    Thaddeus --Wonderful solid name!
    Alasdair/Alastair --another solid, great name!
    Sebastian --Good, solid name again!
    Emmanuel/Immanuel --I prefer Emmanuel, great name!
    Finnian -- I prefer Finn alone, but a good name.
    Elkanan/Elchanan --NMS, makes me think of the ELKS lodge.
    Naphtali -- I met a kid with this name, so it make it easier for me to imagine it on a kid, but it still feels too "big" for a child.
    Demetrius -- I think of a scienctist
    Hadriel -- I prefer Adriel
    Raziel -- NMS
    Nehemya -- I prefer Nehemiah spelling
    Zebulon-- makes me think of Star Trek or something scifi... lol!!

    My favorites: Mariposa, Mirabel, Isadora, Felicia, Valeria, Lysander, Gideon, Orion, Thaddeus, Alastiar, and Emmanuel!
    Mom to a furbaby named Gideon and...
    Expecting our infertility miracle in June! Team green!

    Joanna, Irene, Josephine, Caroline, Miriam, Ayla/Isla
    Spencer, Simon, Reuben, Titus, Theodore, Silas

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    Ceridwen is ke-rid-wen. The rhythm is one I'm fond of, it's similar to Imogen and Lillian without being as popular (Imogen is popular here in Oz)

    Raziela I should have probably written it as roz-ee-ell-a instead of rahz. It's like the first syllable of Rosalind, then ee-ella. It sounds pretty in my head, and has a nice meaning, ("my secret is G-d") and I had this mental image of it not being much harder than Rosalind or Rosalie, but it seems like it's a lot more awkward in actuality if it's tripping Berries so badly.

    Iskender is iss-ken-der.

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