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    So, i ran some suggestions past him.
    Arabella - said it sounds to foreign to him, and he won't budge on Aria or Lorelei
    Stella - also a no
    Layla - he said he still doesn't like it

    He is currently really liking Evangeline and Annabel, although earlier today he didn't like either one. I'm almost sold on Evangeline nn Eva, but I don't feel excited by Annabel

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    I love Evangeline and Annabelle! I fall more in love with Evangeline every time I watch Nanny McPhee haha, I love how the kids say it!

    And to echo the sentiments about Eden, EDEN'S is a very popular strip club on the north side of my city. Pretty much everyone of age that lives here knows that! (Capital city of my province, so it's not a terribly small place!)

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    I think Lila, Eva, or Eden sound best with Noah. I think my favorite would be Eva (though I prefer Eve).
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    @kibby, i'm gonna have to watch Nanny McPhee now!

    To those of you that have suggested Eve, while I like it, we know an Eve, and so, the name has an identity for me already...

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    Evangeline with Riley as a last name is fantastic and not too much of a mouthful at all imo. Riley carries Evangeline well. Evangeline has more than one nickname possibility and goes well with Noah. Eden would be my second choice.

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