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Thread: Thoughts??

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    I'd love to hear which of these you like best - don't know if we're having a girl or boy but narrowing down my list for both!
    (not sure if the spelling will be Vivienne or Vivian yet)

    Vivienne Sofia
    Vivienne Luna
    Vivienne Belle
    Vivienne Louisa
    Vivienne Miranda


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    Vivienne Sofia and Vivienne Miranda sound the classiest to me. Vivienne Belle is okay. Vivienne Luna and Vivienne Louisa don't sound right to me.
    Just a 15 year old name lover.

    Girls: Maren, Daphne, Thea, Dahlia, Marina, Maribel, Ivy, Scarlett, Rosalie, Serena and Marilyn

    Boys: Theodore, Rocco, Maverick, Brooks, Jude, Ronan, Fabian, Callum, Harvey, Griffin and Vaughn

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    They're all lovely, but Vivienne Louisa is my favorite.

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    I think Vivienne Louisa is beautiful - second choice would be Vivienne Miranda.

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    After saying them all out loud to myself, I think that Vivienne Luna flows off the tongue the best. It's smooth and just "fits." Vivienne Sofia also sounds great. Vivienne Belle sounds a bit abrupt, and Vivienne Miranda feels a bit choppy to me. Vivienne Louisa works well but I prefer Vivienne Luna and Vivienne Sofia.

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