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    Made up middle name?

    Awhile back I posted about using Margaret or Beatrice as a middle name for our daughter whose first name will be Tessa. Margaret and Beatrice are both family names. We got great feedback but still cannot decide on which one. Honest opinions.... If we combine the two we came up with the name Marbea. We kinda like it but is it way too made up? Tessa Marbea? (Pronounced mar-bee)

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    I think it's cute! If you're afraid you won't get another chance to use one of the honor names, I think this is a good way to go. Tessa Marbea is not offensively made up. And it's a fun middle name story that she can share with those close to her :-)

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    I actually don't think it's as made up as you might think.
    Marbea would be closer to the phonetic spelling of Marbella, Spain. (Which is one of the most important tourist cities on the Costa del Sol).
    I would probably spell it Marbella and use the Spanish pronunciation. (Also there is something visually nice about the ss mimicked by the ll's).
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    Hmm...I'm going to be the voice of dissent and say I don't like it. Marbea is actually quite cute, but Margaret and Beatrice are both such gorgeous names, it would be a shame to use neither. Have you considered using two middles? Tessa Margaret Beatrice? Or even using one as a first name instead of Tessa - Margaret Beatrice or Beatrice Margaret? Sorry, you've probably already thought of all this, but I'd hate to see Margaret and Beatrice go to waste. I know you're technically still using them in Marbea, but when people hear that name, they won't necessarily think of a Margaret/Beatrice smush.
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    It's kind of cute actually! And the story behind it is nice. Go for it!

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