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  • Claudia

    9 10.34%
  • Calista (nn Callie some of the time)

    12 13.79%
  • Camilla (nn Millie most of the time)

    19 21.84%
  • Carlotta (nn Carly some of the time)

    3 3.45%
  • Eloise (nn Lou or Elsie most of the time)

    36 41.38%
  • Beatrice (nn Betty most of the time)

    8 9.20%
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    Feb 2013
    Carlotta, nn Carly.

    I like most of them though.
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    Dec 2012
    I love Eloise nn Elsie. It is such a beautiful name. Close second for me is Beatrice and Callista.
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    Dec 2012
    I picked Claudia. I also like Calista and Camilla but dislike the nicknames.

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    Dec 2012
    Top Three:

    Beatrice - a lovely, elegant name, but dislike the significantly less lovely Betty as a nickname. Bea or even Bree would be better.

    Calista - even though I immediately think of actress Calista Flockhart, Calista is pretty, and underused, and I love nn Callie. I prefer it as short for Callida, however.

    Eloise - the happy medium; a spunky, cute name, though I'm not particularly passionate about it.
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    Dec 2012
    Carlotta, although I'm not such a fan of Carly.

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