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    Swinging or vibrating baby seats- are they worth it?

    I'm planning to get a few things for our new baby while the January sales are on, and I'm wondering whether to get a swinging/vibrating baby chair or whether to make do with the basic manual bouncy chair that Juni had. It was one of the things that I regretted not getting for Juni, but i was hoping some of you Mamas could tell me if they really are a great, can't-live-without-it piece of kit or whether it'll just be a waste of money and space!
    What are your experiences of them?


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    The swing was a lifesaver with our first, since she hated to sleep on her back she ended up spending a LOT of nights in the swing... mama needs her sleep, am I right? The bouncer I think we could have easily lived without, and just sat her on the boppy nursing pillow thing, but it was convenient to be able to strap her in there & she could sit in the bathroom if I needed to hop in the shower or something.
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    Swing yes, vibrating chair no.

    We have a vibrating chair/bouncer, and as far as I could tell, she didn't notice that her butt was vibrating at all. It did nothing. So it was all about bouncing her with my foot... for hours.
    My sister invested in a swing for baby sitting (she's super keen that one) and swore by it. My little girl loved that thing!

    I really really want to get a mamaroo bouncer for this next baby, because sitting on my bum and bouncing with my foot isn't going to cut it around a toddler... and it looks really awesome... but I know it's just not going to happen!

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    Thanks guys, that's really interesting. I'm really interested in having something that makes naps easy- Juni never napped well, (although she was alright at night oddly) so i always had her napping on me, which isn't going to work this time, or i was walking the streets in all weathers trying to get her to sleep in her pushchair. I never found the bouncer that useful because I had to sit there and bounce it the whole time- I'm looking for something that requires a little less participation, ahem, lazy me!
    Katie- I did occur to me that it could be a lifesaver if this baby's not a night time sleeper- mama absolutely needs her sleep!

    Mirimouse- I suspected that about the vibrate chairs, sounds like the swing is the way to go. I'll check out the mamaroo, thanks for the tip.
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    Some babies are swing babies, some babies are bouncy seat babies, and some babies just hate everything. Our son hated the swing, but was okay in the bouncy seat while I took a shower or during dinner. My sister's baby loves the swing and hates the bouncer. My friend's baby hates both, but does okay in a Bumbo- we think it is because she can sit up in there and look around better.

    I think the best course of action is to borrow these things from someone and see which one the baby takes to. If that is not possible, I would say buy them used off Craigslist with the plan of reselling them. You use these things for such a short time- really three to six months. But they can be a lifesaver during those months!

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