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Thread: Balance Bike?

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    Balance Bike?

    Hi Berries,
    Our oldest will be turning "3" this October (where does the time go?). When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday he said, "a big boy bike!" So, I started doing my research and have stumbled across these new bikes without pedals. I've seen the videos, and I understand how they work, and I understand the benefit of using one, but I'm hoping to hear from someone with personal experience before we invest. Did your child enjoy it? Did they feel left behind when using their balance bike, when other kids had a traditional bike? Did it *really* work, i.e. your kid got to skip training wheels? Any info. you care to share will be most appreciated. Thanks!
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    My kids loved their balance bike. It was a wooden version; Target used to sell them for $50, but I haven't seen them there in many years.

    James started riding the balance bike when he was about three; he learned to ride a pedal bike before he was four. Will was even earlier, having watched James do it. Elise could do the balance bike when she was two (she's pretty darn tall, though). After being dropped on its side so many times, ours eventually cracked and "died", so we'll be getting another one for Zach before too long. So yes, for us it was a very successful thing, and they're huge fans of riding bikes to this day. No training wheels needed for James or Will; I think Elise had them, briefly.

    I've seen some fancy balance bikes at bike shops. I think Kettler makes a fancy (and pretty expensive) one. I've got my eye on that one but it might have to be a combined Christmas present from the grandparents or something if we're lucky--too pricey.
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    A lot of the neighborhood kids have them and seem to love them. My son is 2 1/2 and has tried out the neighbor girl's, but he prefers his tricycle for now. When he gets a little bigger, I would try one. I see them available secondhand a lot, so I would look for one used first.

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    We took my son shopping and had him try out a balance bike. He didn't like it though since he wanted to be able to pedal. Perhaps if we'd started with a balance bike it would have worked but he already has a tricycle so he was used to having pedals. We didn't buy it either so perhaps had we bought it he would have come around over time. For now at four years old he still just has his tricycle.
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    I work as a nanny for a 3-year-old boy who's had his balance bike for a while now, and he loves it! He balances very well on it, so while he hasn't tried out a "big kid" bike with pedals yet, I'm sure he'd be able to go without training wheels pretty easily. There also aren't other kids in his neighborhood, so I can't comment on whether he would feel left behind or not, but he can go pretty fast on that thing--I'm sure it wouldn't be too much of an issue.

    But yeah, he loves it. Thinks it's the best thing. It's usually the first toy he goes for when we go outside.
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