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Thread: Pushchairs

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    We recently ticked off our last big thing on the baby list: the pram. My DH's parents very kindly bought us our pram, they got us a Quinny Moodd Pushchair. Such a lovely gift for not only this baby but future grandchildren too.

    We wanted something sturdy that wouldn't be contained to the first six months of her life, you can use it until the child is three I believe. It's also super sturdy, within five minutes of having my husband dropped it twice. I'm a bit worried it won't be comfy but I tested it out on my friend's three month old son on a day out and he really loved it and seemed very comfy.

    I think the only real con about it for me is the way it just super weird but nothing dreadful.

    Just wondering what other Momberries or Momberries-to-be use/used!

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    We have the iCandy "Peach2". I really like it. Its light and easy to move around with, and has a very cleanable fabric which is essential for an older baby. Its has grown with her in the sense that its versatile, it can be used in a number of different positions, which is great value for money. I'd definitely recommend it, we used a Quinny with our older DD and we had huge problems with it!

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    Prams are a challenge, especially for the pregnant brain.
    We are currently debating prams.
    Right now our top 2 are a Baby Jogger City Mini GT or a Brittex Agile plus.
    We really want something light for air travel and also as I am having a C-section.
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    I don't have a particular stroller recommendation. But here is what I figured out about finding one:

    1) consider why you want a stroller. Will you be going on long walks on uneven trails or sidewalks? Do you mostly drive places or walk places? Is it a car supplement or replacement so you want a lot of cargo room? Or will you mostly be pushing the baby around the mall?

    2) accept that you will probably want more than one stroller. They make strollers that are supposed to be able to do it all- the problem with this is that they tend to do nothing particularly well. For us, we walk a lot and live near some great unpaved trails. So the ideal would have been to have one off-road all-terrain kind of stroller with a lot of cargo room for going to the grocery, and then one very lightweight cheap umbrella stroller to keep in the trunk of the car.

    3) realize that many people buy very expensive strollers and then their babies get older and they don't need the stroller anymore so they sell them on Craigslist or in secondhand shops for very little.

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    We own five strollers however we haven't spent much money for any of them.

    When we were first expecting my aunt gave us her Graco stroller that was part of a travel system with the car seat she also gave us. We used it at first because the car seat snapped right into it. And sometimes used it again when my daughter was a baby once again because the car seat snapped into it. However it mostly sits in our garage. If I hadn't gotten it for free I would have just gotten one of those frames that the car seat can snap into not a whole stroller.

    My Dad got us a Maclaren I think Techno stroller as our gift for our son. We loved it. It's lightweight and perfect for most outings everything from the mall to trips to DC where we were taking the metro and needed something that could fold up. We use it a lot with both kids and it's always in the trunk of our van.

    I got a cheap umbrella stroller for like $3 at a consignment sale. It's not as nice as the Maclaren since it lacks any storage space, doesn't recline and has a three point vs five point harness. However it's super light weight and we use it for going to the pool. Since both kids have done swimming lessons as babies it's gotten a lot of use for the price. It's always in the trunk since it takes up very little room.

    When we found out we were having a second I started thinking about double strollers. We thought with a two-year-old and a baby we'd want one that could be both a sit-and-stand and a regular double. We got the Baby Trend LX Sit-and-Stand convertible one used for $65. We've never used the sit and stand option. We used it a lot when my daughter was a newborn and it still serves it's purpose sometimes since I'll use it for carrying things in the one seat and put my daughter in the other one. My son mostly walks now though and I hate pushing it up hills since it's really heavy and hard for me to maneuver. It was our only double for awhile so we had it in the van for a bit. Now it's in the garage.

    Our most recent stroller purchase has been a Maclaren Twin Techno double stroller. We got it for Disney World for $100 used. The seats are side by side and it has a lot of storage space. We used it a ton on our vacation and it's my favorite of our two double strollers. I also like that I can hang bags off the back and it won't tip, which isn't the case with the single Maclaren for that reason I sometimes take it even when I know my son will mostly be walking. It's in our van right now.
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